Patient Stories

Several VeinSolutions patients chose to talk about their experience and the treatment they received. Click on the image at the right to to view each patient's testimonial page and watch a short video in which they describe their experience in their own words.

Patient Testimonial - Maren
A lifetime of being active did not prepare Maren, yoga instructor and mother of three, for how she felt when she developed varicose veins.

Learn more about how she regained her confidence after a successful treatment at Vein Solutions.

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Patient Testimonial - Marsha
Marsha spent years living with her spider veins. Over time she found herself feeling self conscious about her legs at the beach and started covering them up. After a few unsuccessful sclerotherapy treatments, her dermatologist referred her to Vein Solutions.

Learn more about how the exciting success that Marsha had at Vein Solutions in her patient testimonial video.

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Patient Testimonial - Megan


As a young adult, Megan started noticing the development of varicose veins in her legs – a condition that worsened during her pregnancy.

In her patient testimonial video, Megan discusses her experience with VeinSolutions and the vein stripping procedure she underwent as a treatment for her varicose veins.

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Patient Testimonial - Randi Randi

Randi's varicose veins were causing her to experience leg pain and fatigue that interfered with her active lifestyle.

In her patient testimonial video, Randi discusses how the in-office vein treatment she received helped her regain the ability to stay active in her career and hobbies.

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Patient Testimonial - Randi Cathy

Cathy's spider veins caused her to hide her legs for years until she decided it was time to eliminate them.

In her patient testimonial video, Cathy discusses how the simple spider vein treatment she received helped her regain her confidence and show off her legs again .

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