Marsha's story

Marsha’s Symptoms
Marsha spent years living with her spider veins. Over time she found herself feeling self conscious about her legs at the beach. “They are really strong and really healthy, but I found myself covering them up more and more often.”
Marsha consulted her dermatologist, who performed a few treatments of sclerotherapy with little success. When her veins started to show signs of bulging, her dermatologist referred Marsha to the vein specialists at VeinSolutions.

More information about spider veins and varicose veins can be found on the Conditions page.

Marsha’s Treatment
Marsha first had the phlebectomy procedure done in the VeinSolutions office to remove her bulging varicose veins. She then followed up with a few treatments of sclerotherapy to eliminate her spider veins.
“Right away, a big difference was made. I was having a taste of success, which was really exciting. And the more success I had, the more I wanted them to get even better.”

Marsha couldn’t be more pleased with her experience at VeinSolutions. “The staff is wonderful. They’re as excited for my progress as I am. And each time I have an additional procedure, the results just get better and better.”
“I can wear the shorts and maybe even a skirt now and then. So it’s been freeing and very enjoyable to have my legs back.”

More information about phlebectomy and sclerotherapy can be found on the Treatments page.
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