Cathy's story

Cathy's Symptoms

Cathy started to develop spider veins on her legs in her early twenties. These veins became more noticeable during her two pregnancies and did not disappear on their own. "They didn't hurt or anything, but they were just really unsightly".

Cathy hid her legs for years, avoiding shorts and wearing pantyhose with skirts. "They definitely affected my daily life. In the summertime, I never wore shorts....I didn't want my legs showing."

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Cathy's Treatment

Cathy always wanted to eliminate her spider veins but continued to put off treatment until her family gave her the gift of sclerotherapy. She had three simple injection treatments in the office to achieve the results she was hoping for.  "It's a world of difference...I feel like I have my old legs back again".

"My experience at Veinsolutions was just great. From the moment I walked in the door... the office was very warm and welcoming".

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